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Criminal Procedures Arrest, Booking, Arraignment - 1100 Words

Criminal Procedures: Arrest, Booking, Arraignment (Research Paper Sample) Content: Criminal ProceduresStudents NameInstitutional AffiliationAbstractThis article explores the criminal procedures and the stages involved in the pretrial process. It elaborates the influence of human rights standards of criminal procedure and the organization of criminal process. The criminal procedure acknowledges the human rights concerning criminal cases and governs the criminal proceedings in respect of statutory crimes. They are also meant to protect the defendant in the course of the criminal proceedings. There are stages that are involved in the process of administering criminal justice in order to avoid partial judgment. These stages include arrest, booking, bail, plea bargains, preliminary hearing and main trial. Each stage plays a significant role to ensure that the defendant faces the appropriate punishment in case he or she is found guilty and that the prosecutor is compensated.BodyIntroductionCriminal procedure is a process which entails a set of instruction s that govern the series actions through which the government implements the practical criminal law. This article reviews the stages involved in the pre-trial process as one of the phases of the criminal procedures. The process addresses the matters related to the basic public trial tasks such as enlisting pleadings, interrogating and counseling clients, and evolving facts, formulating interrogatories, taking confessions, and filing motions (Bartol Bartol, 2014). The process covers all stages of pretrial law suit broadly, logically, and briefly without being over-simplified. Criminal procedures are meant to enforce the legal rights of the illicit suspects and defendants, which involves various stages namely: arrest, booking, bail, arraignment, plea bargains, preliminary hearing and main trial. The stages are discussed below.ArrestThis is the first stage whereby, the law enforcers arrest the suspect. This may take place if a police officer notices an individual committing a crime, o r there is a probable cause that makes the officer believe that the person has committed a crime or the officer has an authorized valid arrest warrant for that person (Lippman, 2014).BookingThe defendant is taken to the police custody and their personal information is entered into the police system and is denied the freedom of movement. This includes taking ones fingerprints, ID numbers and seizing personal property. The accused is then held in a cell as they await further actions. If the crime committed by the suspect is declared to be minor, the suspect may be issued a citation that demands him or her to appear in the court at a future date.BailThis consists of either cash or any other property that the defendant may deposit to the court to secure his or her release from the custody. This acts as a guarantee that the accused will avail for all the arranged proceedings as a condition for the release. The amount of bail charged to the accused depends on the intensity of the crime, t he defendants criminal history or the probability that the defendant may escape and not return to the law court. However, bail is normally discouraged since it segregates the poor criminals who may not afford to post a bond. It may also pose insecurity to the public in case serious criminals are released on bonds. The judges, therefore, hold the offenders without the bail to promote public safety(Mapaure et al, 2014). The criminal may also be released without a bond through own recognizance provided that they promise in writing that they will appear for all the scheduled proceedings.ArraignmentIt entails the first appearance to the court by the criminal. The judge informs the accused of the penalties charged against him or her and explains the rights offered to the defendant to either appoint counsel at the governments expenses or pay a lawyer for him or herself(Lippman,2014).The judge asks the accused to plead, decides whether to amend the initial bail amount, reviews the defendant s bail and sets the dates of future proceedings.Plea BargainThis involves the agreements between defendants and prosecutors. Many people do not buy the idea of resolving disputes among themselves but instead, prefer taking their criminal cases or disputes to the court for legal actions in search of justice. Plea bargains are viewed as immoral and disreputable since the practice makes the defendants to end up in lower charges and the prosecutors not getting their legal rights, hence not a common practice (Mapaure et al, 2014). There could also arise disagreements between the prosecutor and the defendant in choosing the type of plea bargain to apply in their cases which may become an inappropriate way to solve their cases. Prosecutors may also put unnecessary tough sentencing laws against the defendants.Although the practice is not popular with the public, it is inevitable and a reasonable practice which yields various benefits to the prosecutor, the defendant and the government when it is well utilized. The benefits include relieving the jury system the burden of piling up much case load which would also be difficult to meet the defendants demand for quick trial. The prosecutors are also secured from spending a lot of money in taking their cases to the court and paying a lawyer. This could be more expensive if the defendant is declared not guilty and the case disposed off. They are subjected to acquiring justice without spending resources and wasting time in following the court procedures in the jury trial. The practice also relieves the government the burden of having to accommodate numerous law-breakers serving all their time in the prison which could be expensive due to limited facilities (Lippman, 2014).Preliminary HearingThis stage is meant to establish ...

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The Wife Of Bath And King Lear - 843 Words

Gender roles have been defining women for centuries, however the women in both The Wife of Bath and King Lear violate just about every gender role of their time. The wife of Bath, Cordelia, Regan, and Goneril are all unapologetic head-strong, independent, powerful women. These women totally contrasted their literary peers of their time who were relatively submissive and docile, such as Queen Wealhtheow from Beowulf and Bertilak’s wife from Gawain and the Green Knight. The Wife of Bath herself follows no gender rules or roles, she believes she is owed the same rights as any man. She married like a man would and used her husbands to better herself but she did not violate any moral laws in the process even though her amount of marriages was frowned upon, they were not illegal or against the laws of the church. Of husbands at the church door I ve had five (If I have wed that often legally), And all were worthy men in their degree. (The Wife of Bath s Tale 5-9) She had no shame in her actions and she did not apologize or excuse herself. She used her womanish wiles to get where she needed to go and get what she wanted, she was not a damsel in distress or a silent back-ground character. She essentially lived like a man, she did nothing wrong, she allowed men to marry her and she inherited their fortunes when they died. She did not murder them, or cheat on them, she simply was their wife who had the great fortune of marrying rich and her husband’s dying young. Thus gainedShow MoreRelatedFigurative Language and the Canterbury Tales13472 Words   |  54 Pages †¢ The Lord sits above the water floods. The Lord remains a King forever. The Lord shall give strength to his people. The lord shall give his people the blessings of peace. -Ps. 29 †¢ â€Å"Let us march to the realization of the American dream. Let us march on segregated housing. Let us march on segregated schools. Let us march on poverty. Let us march on ballot boxes.... --Martin Luther King, Jr. †¢ Mad world ! Mad king! Mad composition ! 6. antagonist: the character or force opposingRead MoreIn a Grove4387 Words   |  18 PagesCommissioner T he time? Certainly, it was about noon yesterday, sir. The unfortunate man was on the road from Sekiyama to Yamashina. He was walking toward Sekiyama with a woman accompanying him on horseback, who I have since learned was his wife. A scarf hanging from her head hid her face from view. All I saw was the color of her clothes, a lilac-colored suit. Her horse was a sorrel with a fine mane. The lady s height? Oh, about four feet five inches. Since I am a Buddhist priest, I tookRead MoreFrom Salvation to Self-Realization18515 Words   |  75 PagesSalvation To Self-Realization: Advertising and the Therapeutic Roots of the Consumer Culture, 1880-1930 T. J. Jackson Lears Lears, T.J. Jackson 1983. From salvation to self-realization: Advertising and the therapeutic roots of the consumer culture, 1880-1930. In The Culture of Consumption: Critical Essays in American History, 18801980, ed. by Richard Wightman Fox and T.J. Jackson Lears, New York: Pantheon Books, 1-38. Reprinted with the permission of the author. 1On or about December 1910, Virginia

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Should Corporal Punishment Be Banned Schools - 975 Words

It has only been 17years ago when the director of American Samoa Department of Education (DOE), Laloulu Tagoilelagi issued the order to ban the practice of corporal punishment in schools, yet discussions are now re-surfaced to bring it back. While Corporal punishment is currently banned in schools in American Samoa, it is widely administered at home and tolerated in other social settings such as in church communities, sports events, or wherever children under the age of eighteen are present. Before I expand on my stance in this matter; let’s take a glimpse at the definition of Corporal punishment first of all. The term corporal punishment refers to physical discipline of various sorts accomplished by such instruments or by hands often appears to involve the use of birching, flogging, belting, or other tools. According to the United Nations committee that enforces the Convention on the Rights of the Child, they define â€Å"corporal† or â€Å"physical† punishment as any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of pain or discomfort, however light. Most involves hitting (â€Å"smacking†, â€Å"slapping†, â€Å"spanking†) children, with the hand or with an implement - a whip, stick, belt, shoe, wooden spoon. Other forms of this method can also include kicking, shaking or throwing children, scratching, pinching, biting, pulling hair or boxing ears, forcing children to stay in uncomfortable positions, burning, scalding or forced ingestion (for example, washingShow MoreRelatedCorporal Punishment Should Be Taught Essay856 Words   |  4 PagesCorporal is derived from the Latin word corporÄ lis bodily which is equivalent to corpor meaning, â€Å"of the human body; bodily; physical†, as defined by the dictionary. T he Merriam-Webster dictionary defines corporal punishment as, â€Å"punishment that involves hitting someone: physical punishment†. The Committee on the Rights of the Child in the General Comment No. 8 defines ‘corporal’ or ‘physical’ punishment as, â€Å"any punishment in which physical force is used and intended to cause some degree of painRead MoreCorporal Punishment Should Be Banned1459 Words   |  6 Pagescourse, it is no surprise that corporal punishment against school going children is one of the most controversial topics throughout the globe, including within political, academic, and general public debates at large. A detailed review of available literature on the topic reveals that the academic discussion is divided into those who argue that corporal punishment is effective and necessary in schools, and those who argue that the risks and disadvantages of corporal punishment far outweigh its benefitsRead MoreEssay on Abolishing Corporal Pu nishment in the United States Schools755 Words   |  4 PagesCorporal punishment is a discipline method in which an administering adult inflicts pain upon a student (usually using a paddle) in response to a students offensive behavior. Nowadays regulations have been created as to how many â€Å"swats† can be inflicted, by whom, and with what instrument. It is still used in many U.S. schools as a disciplinary method against disobedient or defiant students. Although corporal punishment is no longer tolerated in the military, prisons, or mental institutions, 21 statesRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Corporal Punishment707 Words   |  3 PagesWhat is corporal punishment and what is being done about it? Corporal punishment is in layman’s terms is a physical discipline of a child such as slapping, hitting, whipping, and paddling, along with other types of physical contact. Forty-three countries have laws against corporal punishment and more than one-hundred countries have r ecognized it is wrong but has not banned it. The reason the ban is effective is it limits the parents from the vague guidelines that are set and prevents them from becomingRead MorePurpose Of Corporal Punishment1151 Words   |  5 PagesCorporal Punishment is the intentional act of disciplining by inflicting physical pain as retribution for an offense or wrongdoing. The purpose of corporal punishment is to prevent the offense or wrongdoing from happening again by instilling or associating fear with these undesired acts. Corporal punishment may be divided into three main types: parental or domestic corporal punishment, school corporal punishment and judicial corporal punishment which closely related to prison corporal punishmentRead MoreEssay on Corporal Punishment in Schools1007 Words   |  5 PagesCorporal Punishment Beat the students! Beat the students! Beat the students! The way most school systems want to discipline their students in the school system, is to beat them. This is the concept most schools look at corporal punishment. Corporal punishment has been used in school for centuries. Many schools have limited the use of corporal punishment but most schools continue to use corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is defined as â€Å"physical pain inflicted on the body of a child as a penaltyRead MoreCorporal Punishment Is Defined As The Utilization Of Physical Force1459 Words   |  6 PagesThe term corporal punishment is defined as the utilization of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, yet not harm, for the purpose of correction or control of the child’s behavior. Seven nations Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Cyprus-have laws making it illicit for parents to utilize physical discipline on their children. Corporal punishment in schools has been banned in every one of the nations in Europe, South and Central America, China andRead MoreCorporal Punishment And Its Effect On Children1587 Words   |  7 PagesThe term corporal punishment is defined as the use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain, but not injury, for the purpose of correction or control of the child’s behavior Seven nations Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Cyprus-have laws making it illicit for parents to utilize physical discipline on their children. Corporal punishment in schools has been banned in every one of the nations in Europe, South and Central America, China and JapanRead MoreIs Corporal Punishment Child Abuse?841 Words   |  4 Pagesthat corporal punishment is a part of the list of child abuse. Corporal punishment should not be considered child abuse whether in the home or in public schools, because it has long been used in society for hundreds of years and has proven to be an efficient and suitable punishment for children. Corporal Punishment- punishment of a physical nature, such as caning, flogging, or beating. (Farlex). Corporal Punishment is mainly thought of only in schools but can also include a kind of punishment inRead MoreCorporal Punishment in Schools Should Be Abolished1125 Words   |  5 PagesCorporal punishment in schools should be abolished Corporal punishment has been used in schools as a way of handling disciplinary problems. It refers to school rules which allow students to be punished using physical pain without causing injury. It is believed that using punitive method can promote students’ obedience and reduce problematic behaviour. As a result, it can decrease the number of disciplinary cases and maintain order inside the classroom. Indirectly, it will help to build students’

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The Importance Of Sarbanes Oxley Act - 1713 Words

MEMO To: Professor of ACG 1001 Writing Project From: Calvin Robinson CC: Date: June 13, 2016 Re: The Importance of Sarbanes-Oxley Act After several scandals that involved such major corporations as WorldCom, Enron and Arthur Anderson. President Bush signed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 on July 30, 2002 which created after Senator Paul Sarbanes and Representative Michael Oxley. The act was created to regulate financial practices and corporate governance. It consists of 11 different sections or titles. It is aimed at protecting investors by providing accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures and to help restore confidence within the investors. â€Å" Sarbanes-Oxley developed the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, a private, nonprofit corporation, to ensure that financial statements are audited according to independent standards†.(Fass 2003) The first main aspect of federal legislation was the Securities Act of 1933, which was derived from the Market crash of 1929. In order to protect a company or a business it relies that each quarterly report financial issues has to be authorized and confirmed by the executive officer or chief financial officer. Therefore, companies are required to have an internal auditor that is certified by an external auditor. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act or SOX affects not only the financial corporations, but also IT departments that are in charge of storing electronic records for companies. The act states that the records should not beShow MoreRelatedSarbanes Oxley Act Of 2002 Essay1343 Words   |  6 PagesSarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 The financial crisis of the early 2000s left many investors and stockholders nervous about the accuracy of financial statements issued by public companies. The financial crisis resulted after many previously successful companies suddenly tanked due to restatement of their financials. These companies include Enron, Tyco, Sunbeam, Rite-Aid, Xerox and WorldCom amongst others (Kieso, 2014, p. 17). How could many previously successful companies suddenly go belly-up? The evidenceRead MoreLjb Company Case1592 Words   |  7 PagesExternal Consultation to LJB Company EXTERNAL CONSULTATION TO LJB COMPANY Abstract A paper presented on the case study 2 review of LJB Company. The paper will address growing issues of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and business ethics in regards to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and adherence to current regulatory federal mandates. Paper presents tools for consideration for tomorrow’s leaders and gives a general overview of internal control strategiesRead MoreThe Collapse Of Enron Corporation1547 Words   |  7 PagesAccounting Principles (GAAP) introduce the fall of the Enron Corporation due to the off-balance sheet arrangements, the role of mark to market and lastly, the manipulation of derivatives. When the United States Congress passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) on 1977, to not just prevent but to motorize financial irregularities in the market, and many violations in the accounting system. Enron was the most famous Corporation in American history to collapse. A major corporation created by acquisitionRead MoreSarbanes Oxley Act Of 2002 Essay1380 Words   |  6 Pagesfraud, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is an accounting and business related law that was put into place to help boost confidence in financial accounting and financial markets (US Sarbanes Oxley Act). Some of its key provisions are that it requires the CEO and CFO to personally sign off on all financial statements, increases penalties for those who violate the act, and it protects whistleblowers (SOX 2002). Clearly, Sarbanes-Oxley can improve ethics in financialRead MoreFree Enterprise Fund Vs. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board700 Words   |  3 Pagescourt case in which the Petitioner accounting firm which was a non profit organization wanted to sue the PCAOB because they believe that the President had not control over the members of the board and threaten the separation of power law. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, also known as SOX was to put in place to protect investors from fraud in accounting activi ties in corporations. The courts ruled that the separation of powers was not broken because The President of the United States can remove member of theRead MoreThe Sarbanes Oxley Act : A Direct Effect On Corporate Governance955 Words   |  4 PagesThe Sarbanes-Oxley Act has a direct effect on corporate governance, and it is the strengthening of audit committees at public companies. This audit committee members oversees the company’s the management accounting decisions and gain new responsibilities such as approving numerous audit and non-audit services, selecting and overseeing external auditors, and handling complaints regarding the management’s accounting practices (Blokhin, 2015). There has been increased attention to corporate governanceRead MoreThe Impact Of Sarbanes Oxley Act On Public Companies And The Market1336 Words   |  6 Pages The affects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Public Companies and the Market Shareen Sidhu University of Maryland University College The Affects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Public Companies and the Market The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 was implemented and designed to â€Å"protect the interests of the investing public† and the â€Å"mission is to set and enforce practice standards for a new class of firms registered to audit publicly held companies† (Verschoor, 2012). During the early 2000 s, the worldRead MoreQuestions On The Sarbanes Oxley Act1172 Words   |  5 PagesASSIGNMENT #2 Throughout our academic studies, we have been taught what the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is and what it represents. However, professors have left behind the topic of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 and have focused mainly on teaching about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. In this paper I will further explain both of these fundamental terms, some of the major provisions of Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Dodd-Frank, and the pros and cons for some of the provisions targetedRead MoreSarbanes Oxley Act Of 20021635 Words   |  7 Pagesregulation named Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 , also called â€Å"Public Company Accounting Reform and investor Protection Act† The main purpose of the act is to protect shareholders and general public from accounting errors and fraudulent practices in the enterprise, as well as improve the accuracy of corporate disclosures. (Mike Oxley 2002). Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 is deemed to be one of the most virtual governance reforms and cor porate disclosure in the United States history. This act made it possibleRead MoreImportance of Ethics in Accounting1065 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head: IMPORTANCE OF ETHICS IN ACCOUNTING Importance of Ethics in Accounting Everest University Importance of Ethics in Accounting Accounting fraud is common but is not as trivial as the common cold; a typical organization loses annual revenues of nearly 5 percent to fraud. In addition, almost one-quarter of reported fraud is exceeding $1 million dollars. The accounting industry is constantly growing and changing. Consequently, difficult decisions have to be made every day.

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Linux And Microsoft Operating Systems Essay - 1573 Words

Abstract Linux and Microsoft operating systems have been developed and marketed in two very different ways. Microsoft has become synonymous with monopoly and substandard software, while Linux is based on free, open source and the concept of open standards, full disclosure and sharing. Microsoft attempts to discourage consumers from using the Linux solution by suggesting that the operating system is less than perfect, yet it remains blind to its own operating systems problems existent within Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. Its a well-known fact that Microsoft dominate the software market despite these facts. Are they operating within legal and ethical boundaries? And is it possible that they could fall from grace because of this? `When†¦show more content†¦Proprietary systems, such as DOS, Macintosh, VMS and MVS, traditionally have had nothing in common, and vendors and systems integrators have had extreme difficulty porting applications among them. UNIX is an open system, and has recently seen quite well established market gains, and there are several reasons for this. Above all, it is solid, dependable, standard and scalable. Workstations are becoming popular and competitive with the ascendance of NT. Popularity is also due to the fact that its open source Ââ€" ‘Companies in the US that are already using open source operating systems plan to use it on almost 23% of their desktop machines by January 2002. Open source software will run more than 34% of their companys servers by 2002. (USA Today 06/01/00) While companies like IBM, Oracle, and Netscape have begun to integrate their business model with open source, many traditional software companies continue to focus on purely proprietary solutions. In the web server space, Microsofts complete denial of the open source phenomenon is almost amusing. The Apache web server has more than 50% of the web serving market according the Netcraft survey (,07/01/02). When you look at advertisements for Microsofts Internet Information Server (IIS) you see that they own over half the market in web serving Ââ€" over half the commercial server market. When compared against competitors like Netscape and Lotus, they have a substantial edge inShow MoreRelatedDifferent Versions Of Linux Operating Systems And Microsoft Windows 8 And 101392 Words   |  6 PagesZones operates on a few different versions of Linux operating systems and Microsoft Windows 7, 8, and 10. Their servers consist of Apache Tomcat, IBM iSeries, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Their databases consist of Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). Zones’ data is stored with HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage, NetApp Network-Attached Storage (NAS), and AWS S3, and theirRead MorePos 355 Week 5 Operating Systems Analysis Team Paper Evaluating Microsoft Windows Xp, Mi crosoft Windows Server 2008, and Linux ,4514 Words   |  19 PagesPOS 355 Week 5 Operating Systems Analysis Team Paper Introduction When considering which operating system for a home or business office computer or network of computers, it is important to evaluate all areas of the different operating systems options. When evaluating Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, and Linux operating systems it is important to consider the system requirements, the different editions available, security features, system features, updates and support,Read MoreHistory and Comparison of Windows, Linux, and Apple Essay856 Words   |  4 PagesHistory and Comparison of Windows, Linux, and Apple Operating Systems By: Noelle An operating system is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources. Most operating systems perform similar functions that include starting and shutting down a computer, providing a user interface, managing programs, managing memory, coordinating tasks, configuring devices, establishing an Internet connection, monitoring performanceRead MoreOperating System Comparison1127 Words   |  5 PagesCarlson This paper will discuss three main operating systems, Windows, Linux, and OS X. All three of these operating systems have features which are unique unto themselves. Although there may be arguments as to which one of these three operating systems is better it really all comes down to what features are needed for each user. This paper will describe the features that each of these operating systems has to offer. First, Microsoft Windows. Microsoft began its dominance in the early 80s by developingRead MoreA Project On Capstone Project1039 Words   |  5 Pagesdifferent security applications. I am going to explain two of different applications Linux and security policy settings. Now what are security policies? Security policy settings in Microsoft could be used as part of all of our security implementation to make sure and to secure domain controllers, servers, client computers, and other resources in the whole computer world. One of the security applications in Microsoft is security compliance manager what is that? Well security compliance manager is aRead MoreWindows versus Linux1101 Words   |  5 PagesWindows, and Linux are very different operating systems that are also very similar in multiple ways. Windows was first sold on November 20, 1985 under the name Windows 1.0. It was revolutionary for its time. People had been used to using command line interface to type out there commands. Windows 1.0 allowed for them to just point and click on what they wanted. Then, along came Linux a few years later. Linux was revolutionary because it was Unix-like and it was open source. Open source meant thatRead MoreThe Operating Systems Of A Computer Operating System 796 Words   |  4 PagesThe Operating Systems A computer operating system is an essential parts of every forensic laboratory. A Forensic lab should have current licensing agreements with the vendor software that it uses. While keeping legacy operating systems license renewal extended for the life of the system used. Team Andromeda will implement multiple operating systems within the forensic lab environment. The Operating Systems that the lab will deploy are the Windows OS, Linux and Apple Mac Operating systems. TheseRead MoreWindows NT Operating System1298 Words   |  6 PagesWindows NT is a unique and powerful operating system. It has been an entirely different operating system than Microsofts initial Windows desktops operating systems. It was simply better and more secure (Survey of operating Systems pg125.) Windows NT offers you a high degree of performance and a wealth of capabilities and features. (Windows NT 101, 1998.) NT supports two file systems: NtFS4 and FAT16. It can use up to 4 Gigabytes of RAM and also uses virtual memory. Windows NT doesnt work wellRead MoreDesigning A Different Operating System1657 Words   |  7 Pages In this paper, I will research the start of Linux, the growth, and the future. When thinking of computers imagine they are as big as the tallest building or stadium. While the size of those computers posed problems, there was the one thing that made them worse: every computer had a different operating system. Software was customized to serve a certain purpose, and software didn’t run from one system to another. This was painful for both the system administrators and users alike. Computers wereRead MoreWindows 8 : A Computer Operating System1341 Words   |  6 PagesBody Windows 8 â€Å"Windows 8 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems.† (â€Å"Windows 10†). Windows 8 appearance looks like a bunch of colorful squares, however it can be customized. The operating system can change color schemes and the operator can organize icons to their liking. Windows 8 is managed using utilities such as Microsoft System Center. Remote installation, policy enforcement, application monitoring, and software updating

Toastmasters International Essay - 1420 Words

Three time bestselling author, Dave Ramsey, has had a lot of practice giving speeches. He has a secret and he is telling anyone that listens. Dave Ramsey has a passion for debt free living and he travels from coast to coast spreading the word. Dave has a huge following and those followers pay a small amount of money to spend the week-end listening to Dave speak about life changing steps you can take to be debt free. At first, the idea of listening to someone speak about money, credit cards, retirement, mortgages, investments and any other financial principles sounds monotonous and rather boring. However, when Dave speaks everyone listens. Dave does not look like a Hollywood star; he is just like any white collar professional. He†¦show more content†¦An otherwise boring topic is full of excitement with the visual aids. You do not have the notoriety of Dave Ramsey and you do not give speeches to thousands of listeners from coast to coast but you do have an important job of giving a presentation to your co-workers and your boss. Can you stand in a small board room and have the large, flashy visual aids? Probably not, but you can have flip charts and technology to help you out. Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization with nearly 250,000 members in 106 countries. Toastmasters meetings are comprised of 20 members who meet weekly to give prepared presentations or impromptu speeches. Each speech and each meeting is critiqued in a positive manner by the other Toastmasters members. Toastmasters teach its members to use visual aids when it is necessary to explain complex information. In a boardroom you will see most often the Power Point presentation or the flip-chart. Power Point is the norm for today’s presentations and can display dramatic visual aids with animation and simu lation. You can prepare the slides in advance and change the visuals with a remote control while walking around the room. It is important to practice your speech with the Power Point and not read each slide to your listeners. As long as you keep your slides simple and not allow them to upstage your speech with too many animations; aShow MoreRelatedEssay On Resume In Aviation Management714 Words   |  3 Pagesthe job in the position of Airport Duty Manager (Operations) at the Spokane International Airport. Dedicated to the advancement of professional skills and career. Committed to the support of the airport values and the highest standards of safety. QUALIFICATIONS †¢ Three certificates in ILUNO (The Intensive Language program at UNO) †¢ Training at one of the leading airports in Oman, which is Muscat International Airport †¢ Certificate in Public Speaking †¢ One of the Dean’s list and Chancellor’sRead MoreManagement, Strategy And Marketing851 Words   |  4 Pagesto lead internal mentoring/employee development and employee satisfaction initiatives. Member: Volunteer Advisory Board, Latin Connection, Asian Connection, Diverse Abilities, Black AA Connection, DFW Green Team Communications Chair, Toastmasters International. †¢ M.B.A., Strategic Leadership, Amberton University SKILLS Vision, Strategy, Execution Strategic Planning Program Development  · Research Analysis Project Management  · Compliance and Brand Standards Management  ·Read MoreOrganizational Style Is Organized And Streamlined Essay1359 Words   |  6 PagesResources/Support There are a number of local communication venues which work with individuals to overcome public speaking anxiety. The first and foremost is Toastmasters of Kansas City. Toastmasters meets on a regular basis and provides a â€Å"supportive learn-by-doing environment† to help people become more confident public speakers (International Toastmasters, 2016, para 1). Even more, the website offers public speaking tips, video libraries, educational programs, and peer to peer support. Timeline This willRead MoreBenefits of Speaking Foreign Languages3205 Words   |  13 Pagesforeign languages in school and college , but now still I continue learning new words and expressions , improving my communication opportunities this way .The advantages of speaking English are obvious and undisputable . English is a language of international communication , which is known now all around the world . No matter where you travel to , any continent or country : Germany , China , Ghana or Argentina , you ‘ll be understood if you can speak English . Nowadays , speaking good English is anRead MoreLeadership Styles From The Television1395 Words   |  6 Pagesadmire him. Plan to improve leadership My plan to improve my leadership abilities will include practicing speeches in front of people. I plan to join a Toastmasters International group, which is a group to help develop speaking and leadership skills. The Toastmasters meetings consist of no instructors, but instead members of the Toastmasters evaluate each other and provide feedback on presentations given. I also plan to improve my selective perception being trying to take in information withoutRead MoreBusiness Administration From Boise State University1122 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch in academic settings. Research in taxation and tax policy is a very interesting area as it combines business, economics, statistics, finance and politics. Its multidisciplinary nature creates challenges as well as opportunities. Moreover, International tax research will bring the tax research to a brand new level with a global point of view. My eight and half years of professional working experiences in the multinational corporate tax department definitely provide me a comparative advantage forRead MoreHomelessness, Housing And Or Child Welfare1313 Words   |  6 Pagesand community members. During my professional experiences I frequently provided written materials on account/project status to necessary stakeholders and verbally led account/project status meetings. I’m also a member of Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and l eadership skills. *8. Describe and rate your proficiency (beginnerRead MoreSupervisory Roles And Theories Of Motivation1370 Words   |  6 Pagesby principles of motivation. Principles of Motivation â€Å"Motivating others is not an easy task, but if you gain an understanding of what motivates team members, you can apply proven principles and techniques to inspire those around you† (Toastmasters International, 2014). The Human Resource model is a great example of how principles of motivation can be applied within an organization. â€Å"Empowerment-oriented organizations promote the use of team building and collaboration among staff members† (LewisRead MoreProvide Leadership Across The Organization1279 Words   |  6 Pagesbooks on presentation skills. restaurant manager After reading the books, I will measure my knowledge on more advanced presentation techniques. 3 weeks Join Toastmasters International to frequently practice my newly acquired presentation skills. restaurant owner I will measure progress by soliciting feedback from other Toastmaster participates; pursue certification. 4 weeks Seek out new opportunities to present information and reports in a team setting. gourmet food edit and writer Read MoreThe Monk Who Sold His Ferrari1242 Words   |  5 PagesMonk Who Sold His Ferrari, which has sold 5 million copies. Sharma is the founder of a business training firm called Sharma Leadership International Inc. located in Toronto, Canada. Sharma is a leadership expert who was ranked in the top 10 worldwide and was given the Golden Gavel award by Toastmasters International in the year 2011.He was ranked 7th on the International Leadership Professional Gurus list in 2012.and has appeared on numerous television and radio programs. â€Å"He conducts training programmes

Crisis in Libya free essay sample

Libya is considered the eighteenth largest oil exporter holding around 46. 4 billion barrels of oil reserves. Even though Libya exports mostly in Europe, there is a certain percentage that comes to the United States and certainly its political and economic situation affect the prices of oil and the U. S stock market as well. The latest situation in Egypt and other Middle East countries where anti-government protestors demanded that longtime dictators resign their positions have encouraged Libya to do the same; however, taking Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi is taking more than expected.Libya is member of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) which is extremely concerned with Libya crisis since it holds the largest oil reserves. As to the situation in Libya is turning violent every time, in The United States the oil prices is going up excessively. â€Å"Libya is one of the world’s primary sources of the much-sought-after sweet crude, preferred by refineries† (Sheridan, 2011). We will write a custom essay sample on Crisis in Libya or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The demand for oil is very high, and Libya crisis makes the situation even tenser since it is unpredictable when its situation is going to be stable again. According to reports, most of the refineries in Libya have been shut down.The latest report in the price of a barrel of oil in the United States is near $109; in some states, the price of gasoline is already $4 a gallon. As this situation continues, the price of food and other goods will also increase unless Libya stabilizes the crisis and an agreement is given to solve this problem. Analysts are very concerned with the rising of the oil prices, and the uncertainty panics certain investors as well. The United States is still recovering for the downturn occurred in 2008 when market collapsed and investments were all going down in the stock market.The recent earthquake occurred in Japan is also affecting the stock market. The stock market is very sensitive to changes and has no control over external forces and situations. â€Å"U. S stock fells, sending the Standard Poor’s 500 Index lower a third time in four days, as escalating violence in Libya tempered optimism that the biggest equity rally since 1955 will extend into a third year† (Nazareth Haigh, 2011). In addition, Nasdaq composite Index, and 27 of the 30 components of the Dow Jones are declining making a long list of red numbers at the end of the day.